Streamlined Development

There is no better way to engage users than show them visually the concepts you are trying to convey. We can take your idea for illustrating the benefits of a financial product or managing a risk and build a software product around it — user experience, design, mathematical model, software development and implementation.

Not only do we develop concepts, we design, build, test and host products to minimize your use of resources and infrastructure costs. Products can easily integrate audio, video, animation and social media components for an enhanced user experience.

Ajax technologies provide greatly enhances the user experience because Web applications reproduce the behaviour, look and feel of desktop software. Wow your customers, expand your business, show your difference!

Financial Planning

We build Web-based risk management, financial and retirement planning software for Canadian financial services companies end users — consumers or financial advisors of banks, brokerages, mutual fund and insurance companies. We develop anything from small applications to very large systems.

Our continued efforts on developing new mathematical models for financial and retirement planning and software implementing these models make us a thought leader in leading-edge areas such as risk management and product allocation.

The National Research Council of Canada funded our research for a development project to create leading-edge models that consumers will demand as their knowledge and sophistication increase in the future. We also keep in close contact with consumers and advisors through our RetireWare software.

The Retirement Opportunity

Most financial services companies view retirement as a top growth opportunity, but fail to provide comprehensive information and resources to their clientele and advisor workforce. McKinsey & Company sees four main challenges for financial services companies:

  • Poor consumer perception of ability to meet retirement needs,
  • Need to educate pre-retirees of their financial needs,
  • Disconnect between accumulation orientation and income needs of retirees, and
  • Repositioning and adapting toward income and advice needs of retirement segment.

The Baby boomers are retiring and they are at the point of making significant and permanent financial decisions about their finances. Knowledge and information that address their needs are the real points of leverage to achieve a higher market share.

Business Outcomes

A lot of online traffic comes from consumers researching financial products and services. A recent Forrester research survey suggests that consumers find financial calculators the most helpful for taking financial decisions.

With good design, applications can be easy-to-use, full of rich visuals such as dashboards and charts, while having comprehensive analysis and using sophisticated models, such as risk analysis and capital market simulations.

Presenting a full picture is paramount nowadays. The future is uncertain and may unfold in a number of ways. This is why measuring odds of success is an essential ingredient of a financial plan.

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