Planning Your Future

"Slick financial planning software … The new version goes well beyond the capability of other consumer software and some pro brands used by planners"

— James Daw, The Toronto Star

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It's complicated to calculate how much extra money you will need in retirement to supplement government and private pension plans.

You may have to consider price inflation, which spouse should access which type of savings, when to minimize total taxes, the future sale of a business or home, the timing of major expenditures, income from part-time work and possibly the cost of long-term care.

Meanwhile, your plan could be influenced by fluctuating stock and bond markets that could force you to dip into your capital faster than you had expected.

"If you want a proper plan, you need a lot of information," says consulting actuary Marc Des Rosiers, founder of Apeiron Software Limited. "If you cut corners and make too many simplifying assumptions, you lose a lot of value in the projection."

In what can only be described as a labour of love — because he has yet to find capital to support his venture — Des Rosiers has launched a second edition of his slick financial planning software, RetireWare.

The new version goes well beyond the capability of other consumer software and some pro brands used by planners yet is available to download at for $39.95, or for $59.95 plus delivery for a disc version. Existing users get to download the upgrade for free.

A more sophisticated version that will do Monte Carlo simulations of potential patterns of investment returns will be available in December at $79.95 as a download, or $99.95 on a disc.

"RetireWare Version 2.0 is all about financial integration," boasts Des Rosier's website. "From integration of your retirement plan with that of your spouse, to integration of your financial objectives with the investment risk of your portfolio, to integration of monitoring your asset allocation within the framework of your long-term objectives."

I was suitably impressed by a demonstration provided by Des Rosiers. Now I just have to persuade my wife we should spend some time planning our future.

James Daw writes a daily column on personal finance and investing in the National Edition of The Toronto Star.

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Apeiron Software's flagship product is RetireWare, a Web-based retirement planning software specifically designed for Canadian tax and retirement savings rules. RetireWare's stunning user interface has over 30 charts, a results dashboard, complementary stand-alone tools and calculators, easy-to-use file management, comprehensive risk analysis and PDF and editable reports.