• Product Development
  • Customizations
  • Social Media Strategies

Product Development

There is no better way to engage users than show them visually the concepts you are trying to convey. We can take your idea for illustrating the benefits of a financial product or managing a risk and build a software product around it — user experience, design, mathematical model, software development and implementation. More

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Rather than recreating the wheel with lengthy and costly development projects, we achieve cost efficiencies through customization of our extensive portfolio of existing products.

We can easily customize the look and feel, content, results, reports to meet the needs of your audience. More

Social Media

Traditional marketing methods are no longer effective. Providing value, building trust and developing relationships is the only road to growth. In this context, social media can become the engine that facilitates referrals among user networks.

We have in place an infrastructure that monitors and measures activity and referrals, and spurs growth of referral networks using email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +1. More

The Retirement Opportunity

Most financial services companies view retirement as a top growth opportunity, but fail to provide comprehensive information and resources to their clientele and advisor workforce. McKinsey & Company sees four main challenges for financial services companies. More


We build Web-based risk management, financial and retirement planning software for Canadian financial services companies end users — consumers or financial advisors of banks, brokerages, mutual fund and insurance companies. We develop anything from small applications to very large systems. More

Managing Risk

When it comes to planning retirement, managing risk is paramount, as earning income ceases and the livelihood comes from pensions and invested assets. A sound plan must examine each of the potential risks that can occur: market, longevity, inflation, health care costs, early death and many others. More