Standing Out from the Rest of the Crowd

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As a financial advisor, promoting yourself effectively is tantamount to your success. Growing your business is a delicate balancing act that requires on the one hand ensuring your existing client base is satisfied with your services, and on the other hand continually filling your funnel with fresh prospects.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with promotional materials from competitors, such as letters, pamphlets, newsletters, flyers, reports, calendars, Christmas cards and ... even fridge magnets! And you must always be careful not to waste your promotional budget on items that don't have maximum impact. The idea is for you to be in your clients and prospects' mind, providing multiple messages and contact points.

But this is a difficult juggling act, because we often fail to follow-up properly. This results in lost opportunities to find new solutions to clients and prospects that will help them achieve their goals.

Promotional Materials Don't Deal With Personal Issues

Winning a new client depends on your ability to solve your client's particular problems. When it comes to retirement and financial planning, clients often do not understand their financial situation, the magnitude of their problems, the implications of not taking appropriate action and how your solutions can meet their needs.

Unfortunately, most promotional materials don't even scratch the surface, all they achieve is a little bit of mind share in an already crowded world of promotion. If you don't stand out and make a difference, your competition will win the business.

Getting a new client is not a one-time event, it's a process where multiple contacts create a relationship and establish trust. And trust is created when you demonstrate the value you can provide.

The old adage "What's in it for me?" still rings true: your clients and prospects are mostly interested in themselves. And while general information is interesting, it will always fall short if it does not address their own particular situation.

Uncovering Your Clients' Needs

Imagine the impact you can achieve if you are literally one click away from your clients and prospects, where you can broadcast valuable insights on retirement and financial planning, motivate them to take action to achieve their goals. More contacts with your clients means more opportunities for you to show how you can help them with retirement, investing and insurance issues.

Make RetireWare a Part of Your Marketing Mix

RetireWare is dedicated to educate, inform, motivate people, help your clients focus on their issues and let you take steps to resolve them. There is no other existing technology that facilitates this process, provides high value, saves you time and energy and focus your promotional spending in a way that puts the spotlight on the issues.

  • Identify investment, debt reduction and insurance opportunities
  • Provide a rich client experience with our comprehensive, integrated and easy-to-use software
  • Understand quickly your clients’ life goals, income and expenses, risk tolerance and personal circumstances
  • Save time with data input
  • Provide value-added advice on how they can solve their financial problems
  • Answer financial planning and investment questions

RetireWare integrates life goals with RRSP and Locked-In fund withdrawals, pension plan benefits, other assets, property or future income, and combine all information for both spouses in an easy-to-use - and fast - user interface that provide clear results and conclusions, compelling charts.

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