RfX Index Median Value for Canada is 3.7

The RfX Index median value for Canada is 3.7 as at December 31, 2013.

Go to the RfX Index tool for results by sub-category, including age, location, gender and financial status. We need you! As more people complete the index, we can create a statistically significant index for all peer groups.

RfX Index

The RetireWare retirement financial preparedness index RfX (TM) is a proprietary index that assesses how financially prepared you are for retirement by looking at a few critical factors and rating you on a scale of 1 to 5.

RfX Index

Go to the RfX Index tool and learn strategies that will increase your chances of success. Compare your results to peer-groups based on age, location, gender and financial status.

How it Works

Complete the information by entering your age, retirement age, income goal, current savings and expected retirement income. It takes less than a minute and the results will give you an indication of the likelihood of reaching your retirement income goals, approaches to increase your chances of success and strategies to consider based on your life stage.

The index value is based on savings required to achieve income goals for non-retired persons and the degree that existing savings are able to provide desired income not met by Government pensions or other sources of retirement income for retired persons. A high index value means that current savings are sufficient or nearly sufficient to meet income goals.

Peer group comparison

The chart shows the index value of the population as a whole. However, if you use the tool, you can refine the comparison by selecting a more specific peer group comparison, such as age group, geographical location, gender or financial status.

About the Index

Your information is completely private and data is kept on an anonymous basis for the only purpose of compiling statistics, establishing trends and showing where you stand relative to your peer group and the population as a whole.

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