Praise in the Media

"Slick financial planning software ... goes well beyond the capability of other consumer software and some pro brands used by planners"

— James Daw, The Toronto Star


"RetireWare takes a personal approach ... the software considers all the variables to create retirement projections"

— Dwarka Lakhan, Investment Executive

Retirement Planner Wins Top Award

Sun Life Financial won the Insurance and Financial Communicators Association (IFCA) award for best online tool. This tool was developed by Apeiron Software Limited along with several other online tools available to nearly one million participants of group retirement plans.

The award received is for "Best of Show - Benefits and Pensions, Electronic Materials" category. This awards program is open to all North American insurance and financial services companies.

"RetireWare Offers Excellent Value"
"RetireWare works for you before and after you retire. It'll help you to see how much you must save--and the rates of return you'll need to earn--to get to your retirement goal. It will also calculate your RRSP contribution room, RRIF and LIF distributions and, taking into account all forms of retirement income, tell you how much you owe the taxman."

— Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Journalist, Host of "Till Debt Do Us Part"

Other Mentions

"Of all the Web calculators we tested, we thought one of the best was"

— Toronto Star article "Pension Calculator Shootout", review of 14 Web-based calculators.

RetireWare's web site is worth the trip even if you don't buy the software."

— Ellen Roseman, The Toronto Star

In the news

"RetireWare is an excellent product and I highly recommend it to all my listeners."

— Richard Infantino, Prime Time Money, weekly radio show on Toronto's AM 740



"For those of you who want custom software to help you make retirement decisions, a local company has produced a software package that will help to guide you through the process. This site is most helpful for keeping retirement issues in clear perspective and providing a checklist approach to ensure that nothing important gets missed."

— Richard Segal, President, Baywood Financial Group