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Strategies to Minimize Clawback

What is Old Age Security Clawback? Old Age Security ("OAS") is a social insurance program that provides a basic level of pension income, on application, to anyone age 65 or over who meets residence requirements. The amount of Old Age Security pension is part of taxable income. OAS is reduced for persons with high income through a recovery provision of the Income Tax Act. [more...]

What Is Your Idea of Retirement?

You thought you had your life all figured out. You planned to do some consulting work and travel extensively. Now that you are retired you realize that continuing to work in the same field is not what you were looking for. After all, you spent more than 35 years doing the same thing. What you need is something different, but what can you do? [more...]

How Can You Meet Your Retirement Goals?

Imagine that you are about to retire and looking back at your life. You can see the various stages that you experienced. In your thirties, you started your family and career. You purchased your first house, a brand new car and did not have much left to build up your RRSP. [more...]

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

You want to be a millionaire? You don't need to buy lottery tickets, shares in the latest stock or a mattress stuffed with every last penny you earned. You just need time. But, take notice that when it's time to retire, your million dollar net worth may not be enough. [more...]

Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Gail Vaz-Oxlade is a best-selling author, regular contributor to various publications and the host of the television series "Till Debt Do Us Part".