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Referral Discount for Professional Collaborative Version

Get one of your peers or colleagues to sign up and you both get a $10 discount off your monthly subscription of $49.95 per month for 10 months for a total discount of $100. You can get up to two referral discounts, and get a $20 discount per month for 10 months, for a total discount of $200. Your monthly cost could be as low as $29.95 per month.

The same discount applies for prepaid annual subscriptions, where a $100 discount is applied at the time of renewal for one referral, or $200 discount for two or more referrals.

You get your referral discount by providing your account ID to your referral who includes it at time of purchase to get both discounts. Your account ID is in the Account section of the Profile page.

Your referral also gets a discount fot their monthly subscription of $49.95 per month for 10 months, for a total discount of $100, or a $100 credit on a prepaid annual subscription.

Group Discounts

We provide group discounts for companies who sign up all their advisors. Whether big or small, we provide cost-effective and customized solutions to take your business in the social media space.

Moneyback Guarantee

RetireWare has an unconditional 100 per cent satisfaction warranty. Take advantage of our 30-day moneyback guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your money within the first 30 days of your purchase.


If you have a monthly plan, you can cancel your account at anytime and you will never be charged again, but there is no refund for charges already paid for the month of your cancellation.

DIY Version

The subscription price for DIY users is $69.95 per year. Subscribe now for $59.95 and save $10.

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