Mission Statement

Apeiron's mission is to create the best models and technology to help individuals make informed financial and retirement planning decisions for the future.

Core Values


Our perspective leads us to sort through the clutter and find the best route, to find patterns where others only see complexity. We are mindful of considering all alternatives and thinking ahead to their consequences, and this helps us find the best solutions.


We like to think, solve problems, develop ideas and innovate. In one word, we like to create. Our tool is technology, which has transformed the way we live and work and has led to innovations in every aspect of our lives, delivering new opportunity, convenience, and value.


We want to disseminate knowledge and become a repository of information. We communicate in a clear, effective, and direct way. We provide users with access to technology that was previously only available to corporations and institutional managers.


Excellence is our measure. We achieve excellence with our commitment to self-improvement, by being self-critical, questioning and accountable for results to our customers and partners.


Our goals serve as our compass and help us determine our priorities. Our focus is unyielding and it forces us to filter out anything that will stray us away from our goals.


Apeiron Software Limited, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, develops web-based financial and retirement planning software for individuals, financial professionals and financial services companies.

Apeiron Software covers all aspects of the development cycle, including consulting, custom application development, project management, training, support and maintenance, always with an emphasis on great design, quality and customer service.

RetireWare received numerous favourable reviews in the media: Advisor's Edge Report, Investment Executive, The Toronto Star, Chatelaine, Canadian MoneySaver magazine, and Prime Time Money on AM 740.


Apeiron Software's flagship product is RetireWare, a Web-based retirement planning software specifically designed for Canadian tax and retirement savings rules. RetireWare's stunning user interface has over 30 charts, a results dashboard, complementary stand-alone tools and calculators, easy-to-use file management, comprehensive risk analysis and PDF and editable reports.

Apeiron Software Limited

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