Referral Networks

Traditional marketing methods are no longer effective. Providing value, building trust and developing relationships is the only road to growth.

Satisfied customers who receive value refer their friends and family to their advisor. Social media can become the engine that facilitates referrals among user networks. Having the referral process handled via the immediacy of he Internet removes barriers and greatly increases the viral coefficient.


Our novel framework using Leaders' Groups moderated by qualified financial advisors, with public profiles and news updates facilitates the process for users to make recommendations using email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +1.

We have in place an infrastructure that formalize the referral process, monitors and measures activity, and spurs growth using social media tools.


Another innovative use of social media is compiling information about retirement preparedness and communicating the results as an index. Visitors can compare their situation with their peer-group — such as age, location or wealth. By keeping track of results, users can follow trends and make the index interactive with a social media component.

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Viral Coefficient

The viral coefficient measures the momentum behind referral activity. It can be used to track growth, popularity and engagement. It measures how many new users are attracted by each existing user.

Viral Coefficient =

          Referrals X Acceptance Rate

If the viral coefficent is higher than 1.0, growth is rising, if it’s less than 1.0, growth is slowing. The viral coefficient applied to social networks predicts success.


Because clarity is still lacking in this area, we use social media tools in a neutral way by carefully controlling the interactions between advisors and clients, and integrating the interactions with your existing procedures for storing and monitoring communications.

Personal profiles contain general information, such as contact, education, and links to existing content. News broadcasts announce events, new content and succint commentary, which can easily be saved from time to time.

Social media