Quick Time-to-Market

Rather than recreating the wheel with lengthy and costly development projects, not only do you achieve cost efficiencies through customization of our extensive portfolio of existing products, but you also get to market much quicker.

We can easily customize the look and feel, content, results, reports to meet the needs of your audience for a user experience that seamlessly integrates within your site.

Customizations can be part of your marketing and multimedia content, and add interactivity centered around the user's circumstances. Our use of Ajax technologies enhances the user experience in a browser or tablet.

End-to-End Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions: user interface design, development, project management and hosting. Our advantage: we use the expertise of actuaries passionate about technology that specialize in developing mathematical models for retirement and financial planning problems.

Our cost-effective outsourced model means no custom development projects tying up large internal and external resources and no infrastructure costs. This results in a high return on investment for your organization.

Our products can be integrated with or without our own account infrastructure, including signup and login mechanisms, database file management, with end user alerts, tracking, reporting and statistics.


We've been developing applications for Canadian financial services companies — financial advisors or clients of banks, brokerages, mutual fund and insurance companies for over 15 years.

The largest group retirement plan provider in Canada uses many of our products, and our online retirement planner won the prestigious North American IFCA award.

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Here are some of the products we've done and licensed on a white label basis:

RetireWare data entry