Dedication to Innovation

Apeiron's mission is to create the best models and technology to help individuals make informed financial and retirement planning decisions for the future.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We have been developing state-of-the-art financial and retirement planning mathematical models and software since 1996. Our dedication to innovation has lead to products that have an unparalleled level of mathematical sophistication, extensive functionality, products that are comprehensive, integrated, modular, intuitive and visually stunning.

Rather than recreating the wheel with lengthy and costly development projects, we achieve cost efficiencies through customization of our extensive portfolio of existing products.

Our products are tailored to the user base needs of financial services companies' sales organizations — banks, brokerages, mutual fund and insurance companies. Our products have the flexibility to be integrated with your existing business logic, systems, and delivery platforms — whether they are on the Web, desktop or portals, and can be tailored specifically to your delivery channels.

Increase productivity and reduce costs with customization of existing products for an accelerated development cycle. From assessment to design, implementation and production, we work with you to deliver scalable custom solutions.

Industry-Specific Experience

Our experienced project managers, designers and developers work to ensure your application meets your requirements and user needs to provide a rich user experience.

What sets us apart is our industry-specific experience. Our knowledge of financial and retirement planning, mathematical and actuarial models, and years of research and development ensure that your application development is built on a solid and scalable foundation.

Outsourcing development of your solutions makes sense: not only do you reduce costs, but can dedicate more resources on your core business. And here's waht you can expect for your financial and retirement planning applications:

  • Rich and engaging user experience
  • Comprehensive portfolio of products and content
  • Customization for rapid and cost-effective implementation
  • Your branding and Web standards
  • Applications hosted in-house or implemented on your servers
  • Data reports and analysis

Contact Information

  • Apeiron Software Limited
  • 550 Queen Street East, Suite 200
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • M5A 1V2


Apeiron Software's flagship product is RetireWare, a Web-based retirement planning software specifically designed for Canadian tax and retirement savings rules. RetireWare's stunning user interface has over 30 charts, a results dashboard, complementary stand-alone tools and calculators, easy-to-use file management, comprehensive risk analysis and PDF and editable reports.

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