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Post-retirement risk management framework — RetireWare helps you develop a financial plan for retirement, with an evaluation of the potential impact of each of the main post-retirement risks — longevity, market, inflation, early death, long-term care, etc. Results also include odds of success based on Monte Carlo simulation.

Leader's Group
Leader's Group — Your Leader profile shows contact information, employer, education and professional designations. Your users will log in to their account, which lands on your Leader's Page. From there they can prepare a financial plan using a basic version of RetireWare, view news and interesting content and request help from you.

Share information — RetireWare is a collaborative software You can share your work with your users. When you create a new file, both you and your user can work and view the financial plan. Users control file access from their privacy settings.

Customizable reports — You can easily generate reports, saved them locally as PDF files or print in full colour. You can also customize and fully edit the report by pasting it in your favourite word processor.

File management
File management — Managing your user base is a breeze with the rich functionality of the file manager. Add new users, broadcast news, send invitations and reminders, remove inactive users and monitor activity and support requests.

Keep in touch
Constant contact — RetireWare is much more than a retirement planning software: it is a framewrok for interactions with your users. With our risk and product support blogs covering current events and planning topics, your users stay engaged with the site. You moderate your Leader's Group, keep your page current with news and interesting content, and provide personal attention and support to your users.

Web-based software
Data anywhere — Your data and files reside on our servers in a secure database, so it is always available anywhere and anytime. No possibility of losing your data ever because of theft or computer malfunction. All information is always available online in a format that's easy-to-use in visually rich dashboards.

Comprehensive planning
Comprehensive planning — Integrate various types of assets and income to meet the goals of your client and his or her spouse. Our rich goal-setting functionality has options to increase or reduce income in the future, plan for special expenses and even use a detailed budget. Use a pre-built economic forecast and investor portfolio or set your own, with great level of detail.

Grow your network — Our powerful platform for advisors is designed to build referral networks from clients using social media tools, such as Facebook, Linked in, Twitter and email. Users get an innovative service and you as an expert resource, and in turn make recommendations for your Leader's Group.

A Framework for Interaction

In-depth analysis File management

Grow your network

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