Advisors and Financial Professionals

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With RetireWare, you can formulate life goals such as retirement and children’s education, assess risk tolerance, build budgets, net worth statements and in-depth retirement plans quickly and comprehensively. You can easily assess personal circumstances, eliminate unnecessary risks, and integrate your client's portfolio with their goals. Use RetireWare on an ongoing basis to monitor progress against goals, and advise your clients of deviations and need for corrective action.

How we can help your practice

Understand quickly your clients’ life goals, income and expenses, risk tolerance and personal circumstances. Monitor proactively and respond to changing events quickly and easily, with in-depth and personalized analysis.

  • In-depth analysis, compelling charts
  • Personalized presentation-quality reports
  • Monitor and take corrective action with changing circumstances
  • Increase productivity with intuitive, integrated and easy-to-use user interface

Total planning means total integration of all financial information. This also involves voluntarily exchange of financial information between individual users and financial advisor, where the advisor can use planning information developed by a user and perform an in-depth review, apply advanced features and risk analysis.

Using sophisticated mathematical models, RetireWare performs capital market return simulations and detailed analysis of post-retirement risks. RetireWare's sophistication extends to the calculation of future income taxes. The usual approach of taking marginal tax rates or ignoring income taxes altogether is far too simplistic and can create large distorsions over time. The calculation engine can find the exact before-tax amount that will provide for a retirement income formulated in terms of after-tax income.

RetireWare will help determine the amount of risk your client should take and whether it is a necessary and viable long-term strategy. There is extensive support for all types of pension plans, including defined benefit, defined contribution, group RRSP, deferred profit sharing plan (DPSP), even a deferred pension or account balance from a prior employer's pension plan.

Clear and Compelling Results

Results show graphically the budget and net worth statement, the asset allocation, expected retirement assets and shortfall at retirement. It also provides detailed forecasts for the projection of assets, income and cash flow in both graphical and table format.

RetireWare is a financial and retirement planning software that determines whether your savings and other assets and income will be adequate to enjoy your desired standard of living during retirement and avoid the risk of outliving your money. You define using one of a variety of ways your retirement income objectives and RetireWare determines whether it is realistic and sustainable. If your savings are not sufficient, RetireWare will recommend the required annual savings that will let you achieve your retirement income objective, and let you see how this fits in your budget along with your other financial commitments. If you are near retirement or already retired, you can see whether your standard of living is sustainable for the duration of your retirement and what rates of returns are required to achieve your goals.

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