Advisor FAQ

What is RetireWare?

A Web-based risk management and retirement planning collaborative software for advisors designed to build referral networks using social media. Leverage technology to enrich relationships with clients and prospects.

Managing Risk

When it comes to planning retirement, managing risk is paramount, as earning income ceases and the livelihood comes from pensions and invested assets. A sound plan must examine each of the potential risks that can occur: market, longevity, inflation, health care costs, early death and many others.

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What's a Leader's Group?

A Leader's Group is a group of users moderated by a Leader who is a financial advisor and has professional qualifications to practice in one or several provinces in Canada. Users log in to their account and land on your Leader's Page. From there they can prepare a financial plan using a basic version of RetireWare, view news and interesting content and request help from their Leader. User data is private unless a user grants their permission to share it with you.

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Why Baby Boomers Need This?

Planning retirement is an ongoing process. Your clients and prospects must know how their investments and future income can create the lifestyle they want. Setting goals and monitoring progress, managing change and unforeseen events throughout retirement is part of this process. The way of the future is having all information always available for review online in a format that's easy-to-use, rich with visuals such as dashboards and charts, not a paper report gathering dust in a file cabinet!

Does it Comply?

Yes, it complies because personal communications with clients or prospects are done using your own email system. Thus, your existing procedures for storing and monitoring communications continue to apply.

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What's the Leader's Role?

You are here to help, inspire, engage, inform, answer questions or make suggestions. You decide how much time and effort you want to devote to this.

A Leader is expected to follow the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

How Do Users Join my Group?

Joining a Leader's Group is free and takes less than one minute.

There are two ways to join:

  • You send an invitation to a client or prospect.
  • You receive a request from someone who viewed your public profile. You are not obligated to accept a request.

How Do I Use SocialMedia?

Having your book of clients as part of your group not only provides them with a value-added service, but is the starting point of your network.

You can use social media tools to expand your network by having your users refer you in their own social networks. New users can join to get an innovative service that lets them build a solid financial plan with you as an expert resource to help .

Your Leader's Page facilitates the process for users to recommend you using email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +1. Many will be happy to recommend you, even though it is totally optional on their part.

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Why Do This?

Traditional marketing methods are no longer effective and prospects don't want to be bothered by advisors trying to sell them something. Providing value, building trust and developing relationships is the only road to growing your business.

Users have an incentive to spread the word: after all, it's free and they get answers to their questions and a free financial plan. Social media is the engine that facilitates the referrals among users friends, family, colleagues and networks.

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How Do I Join?

It takes only a few minutes to purchase a monthly or annual subscription. If you are not completely satisfied after 30 days, we will provide you with a full refund. No questions asked!

What About Privacy?

All information is completey private. We will never disclose any personal information including email to any third party.

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Is This Available in the U.S.?

Not yet. We plan to roll out a U.S. version in Q4 2014.

What About Security?

All sensitive data saved to our database is encrypted using a powerful algorithm. Transmission of data between our servers and your browser uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Servers are located in a secure facility in one of North America's most connected buildings.

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How Do I Use RetireWare?

RetireWare helps users understand how investments and future income can create the lifestyle they want for the rest of their life.

RetireWare dashboard

Is it User-Friendly?

It's easy-to-use, full of rich visuals such as dashboards and charts and has comprehensive analysis, incuding a risk assessment and Monte Carlo simulations that determines the odds of success of the user's financial plan.

RetireWare results